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What is the Best Strategy for a beginner?

In the event that I were a novice in 2019, what might I do? 

I believe that – genuinely – a major piece of it has to do with your financial plan. 

On the off chance that you have a tiny spending plan, that constrains the sort of crusades you can run. 

Rather than concentrating on verticals, I've generally trusted that it's smarter to concentrate on traffic sources. 

In such a case that I state something like: 

"You should run skin." 

All things considered, you can run skin on versatile. 

You can run skin on CPV. 

You can run skin on Facebook. 

You can run skin on Native Ads. 

It's progressively critical to consider what are the traffic sources to concentrate on. 

What's more, I believe that – in 2019 – I would concentrate on either portable or Facebook traffic.